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3D Exterior renders for new property developments are an essential part of selling any new property off-the-plan. Once upon a time, providing a computer generated 3D image of a new property development was something that was a fantastic option for standing out from the rest of the off-the-plan market. Now 3D renders for property have become increasingly common, so much so that you're actually at a disadvantage if you're selling without them.


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With the market for 3D property visualisation you need something special to stand out. That's why Virteer take particular care to provide an exceptional service with exceptional results. Exceptional results for 3D renders means attention to structural and material detail, high-resolution images, real 3D foliage and dramatic lighting to set the scene. Exceptional service means delivering at and above expectations in terms of time and cost, clear communication of work involved and offering responsive customer service.

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Delivered for print & online

Our 3D renders are all delivered as high-resolution JPEG that can be applied to all forms of property marketing and advertising media. From real estate websites such as and, email marketing, printed brochure and flyers, right up to billboard advertising.

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For a quick, obligation-free quote just send through the floor plans, elevations, site survey, materials schedules and any other available reference for your new development. Send all your plans & enquiries to or call 1300 899 944 We'll call back at the earliest opportunity to discuss what type of shots you'd like to sell your property with. So we can get the right selection of stunning 3D perspectives that will realise the true sales potential of your next property development.


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